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I used to make up stories when I was little, then I'd write them on the walls just before we changed the

wallpaper. The new covering hid them, but I knew they were there, waiting to be read when the next change of décor came aound. Being the youngest of six children, I had a variety of books to hand and devoured many through the years. I even read Nietzsche when I was ten.


When my career as a photojournalist didn't happen, I went back to my other love - theatre - and after gaining an Hons. degree in Drama and English Literature, I became an actor. I had my own theatre company and for over fifteen years I wrote all the scripts, as well as directing and performing. However, when I decided I wanted to write prose again, I'd forgotten how. All I could do was dialogue. So, I went back to college, did a few writing courses, got a Diploma in Creative Writing and learnt how to create a narrative through prose. After winning the Suffolk Book League's short story competition, and being shortlisted for the Escalator Genre Fiction contest, I realised that I may actually have what it takes to be an author.


I never dreamed that I would write a YA novel, let alone a whole series, but when some students from my

creative writing class in the local High School challenged me to write one, I did. The Song of Forgetfulness is the product of that chance suggestion and has opened up a whole new world to me as a published author. I have met some wonderful fellow writers and am even working on a novel with one...but it's a secret so I won't say any more just yet.

I have gained confidence from the positive reviews and feedback I've had for The Song of Forgetfulness; so much so that I self-published a collection of short stories - Glimmer.


I have just finished a young teen book, Marauders of the Missing Mummies, that stared life as a play

for children to perform. It's all about Egyptian myth, magic and'll just have to read it when it comes out! Oh, okay, I've posted an extract and a synopsis.

Whisper Gatherers - part one of The Song of Forgetfulness series and the book trailer for part three.


I've also been working on making Glimmer into an audio book - click here to hear more stories

Glimmer and other stories is a collection of seven compelling and darkly humorous stories that deal with obsession, loss, redemption and hope.


In these tales of mysterious liaisons, supernatural intrigue, deathly hauntings and disturbing fixations, characters reveal hidden secrets, forbidden urges, untold yearnings and skills in necromancy.


What people are saying about Glimmer...


"With all of her stories, there is a connective fabric. The author uses the reader’s mind as an easel and puts dots, splashes, and strokes of color along with deep incorporation of nature and locations. The end result took me away. The metaphorical richness was akin to the joy of childbirth in which a healthy, vibrant baby is the result."


"For me the stand out story was On the Eighth Day. I'm not even going to hint at the subject matter because it's such an exquisite unexpected tale that you need to approach it with a clear mind and enjoy the full impact of a superb example of the art of short story telling."


Click here to read extracts from the book on


Available in paperback and kindle editions on Amazon.

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Glimmer and other stories

The Song of Forgetfulness

The Song of Forgetfulness has its own website with excerpts from the books, news, special offers and more.


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