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This is the home for my writing and photography projects, plus all my other activities. I had a dream the other night about a mouse that was a shadow and wanted to be solid. I woke up and thought to myself,

'Wow! Now that would make a great children's story.' So now I have to write it!


what's new

Also new from The Song of Forgetfulness is Changeling Fog, a new short story from the series available as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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So don't forget to read my damn books!!

I recorded this totally hilarious video as part of the #ReadADamnBook challenge!

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to suggest that I'm a singer or musician - it's just a bit of fun...


Now availabe to purchase - the revised and expanded dystopian adventure!

Please visit the shiny new website for more info...

The new Song of Fogetfulness series

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The spooky book trailer...

Finally - Glimmer Audio Edition!


After a long delay, Glimmer - The Audio Book is out at last!

Get your copy now on iTunes or Audible/Amazon.