Nicola McDonagh :

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I have always loved to take pictures.  I don’t remember exactly when I started doing it, but I was quite young.  The Box Brownie, with its twin lens and top viewfinder that showed everything upside down, fascinated me.

I looked at the world in reverse, and I suppose I still do. It was the Polaroid camera that made me realise photographs could be manipulated. They came out wet and you could mould the image into  whatever you wanted it to be. Oh the fun I had twisting the bodies of family and friends and distorting them out of recognition.


After a stint training to be a photojournalist, I realised it wasn’t for me. So I went off and got a B.A. in Drama and English Literature. Although I never gave up on photography and made a small living from it in between performing and writing scripts, what I really wanted to do was experiment.




painting with light                                                



cameraless photograpy


black & white.

dead fly flowers anth1 IMG_2053 IMG_8795 (1) pretty blue spider

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