Nicola McDonagh :

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the Big Sky debut anthology

I have been facilitating workshops for most of my adult life. I have taught drama, photography, arts and crafts, filmmaking, cooking and creative writing for young people and adults for many years. I’ve worked in schools, prisons, adult education centres, youth clubs, libraries, forests, and parks. I try to make my workshops as informative and interesting as I can and am always on the look out for new and exciting things to bring into a workshop environment.

educational projects

This is an exciting and ongoing project that has come from the creative writing group I teach for Coastal Leisure Services in Suffolk.


The group has progressed to such a high standard that some of them have had their short stories and poems published in several anthologies.


This success has led us to form our own publishing collective, and we have just published our first short story anthology entitled Beneath a Big Sky.


It is a thrilling venture and all those involved are talented and dedicated writers - I'm proud to be associated with them.

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I am available for signings, readings and workshops with all age groups, from children to adults -

                                                      please email me for details